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I am so glad that you have found Battens Volunteer Fire Department on the web.  We welcome you and it is our desire that by browsing through this site you will discover all the information you need about our Department and its Services.  Please know that we are here to serve you.




Pursuant to the Tax Equity Fiscal Responsibility Act and Internal Revenue Code, as amended, notice is hereby given that a hearing will be held by the Battens Volunteer Fire Department regarding the proposed adoption of a resolution authorizing the execution and issuance by the VFD of its VFD Financing Contract (the “Agreement”) in a total principal amount not to exceed $85,000, for the purpose of acquiring the use of a Tanker Truck as collateral.


Any person interested may appear before representatives of the VFD on the 26th day of September at 7pm at 8838 CR 636, Chancellor, AL 36316 and be heard for or against the adoption of the resolution and the execution of the Agreement.  At such hearing, all objections and suggestions will be heard and considered and the VFD will take such action as is deemed proper under the circumstances.


Battens Volunteer Fire Department.

By: Jeffery Wood

Title: Chief 


Mission Statement:

The mission of Battens Volunteer Fire Department is dedicated to provide public safety in the form of Fire Prevention, Fire Protection, Rescue Services and Emergency Medical Care.  We will constantly strive to improve the quality of life for the citizens of our community and surrounding areas.


Battens Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1987 and Chartered by the Alabama Forestry Commission after being operating for two years was Certified by the State of Alabama  to aid and assist individuals and the communities in times of distress, and need by performing such services as are necessary in rendering fire suppression, life saving, first responder or first aid and fire safety education in so far as the same do not conflict with the avocation of any person or firm and are not prohibited by law.

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